Build, test, date, repeat!

In a radio programme I recently participated in I was asked whether it was a good or a horrible idea to share your startup idea prior to getting a critical number of users, thus ensuring that you cannot just get overtaken. The observant reader will already recognise the contradiction – how will you get these users if you keep under the radar? Unless you feel that you want to start off with only getting feedback […]

Lifehack your day!

Lifehack your day Let me ask you one simple question … How much time do you waste on a daily basis? Historically I have wasted a lot of time – both in my private life but also in my professional life within a global advisory firm. Some of the time that I have wasted has been a learning experience, though some of the time is just pure sunk cost. In my private life I’ve wasted […]

The ultimate guide on how to take a business dinner like a boss!

Business dinners can be fruitful for your career and for your future relationship with a potential client. You can get drunk on your corporate card, and stay out late with a good reason. A lot of great things. But how do you come across as the trusted business partner that you are? We have the answers. Fundamentally, business dinners are like dating – you need to impress the opponent in order to make them want […]

Welcome to the TimeSuit Blog!

This is where we post our updates, our thoughts, and general information that may be of interest to the dear friends of TimeSuit. These days we are working hard on getting the last things working – man, there are many scenarios that have to be taken into consideration, when building a product to the technical generations of 2015. If you are reading this very first post just after I publish it then we may not have fixed […]